[Updated] My final project idea 💡

I am still torn between a few ideas in my mind… But the idea I am leaning towards the most at the moment is the following:


An arcade game. The setting of the game is in the space amidst a space war. ‘You will have to defeat the alien spaceships by using the laser beams on your vessel to protect the earth.’


The player will be able to maneuver the player using 2~3 push buttons (for items and miscellaneous skills) and a potentiometer.


The visual of the game will contain a working sprite of a spaceship, background image of the space, images of the bullets, alien spaceships, items, etc. The game will contain different levels. The screen won’t convert on different levels, but rather there will be a display of level numbers and the difficulty of the game will increase. Might include a level consisting a different theme for fun.

I will update this post if my idea/plan changes overtime.


After Monday’s class and having listened to other friends’ ideas, I thought to myself, ‘I do not necessarily need to make a game do I…?’.

So I decided to switch to a different topic. I am still not 100% sure about the idea so I expect to have my final project idea more tailored by the end of today’s class.

New idea: A radar turret. I would like to make a rotating turret using arduino, with an ultrasonic sensor attached to a servo, in order to create a scouting(?) surveillance sensor. I would like to use processing to display any objects that are recognized by the sensor to alert the user monitoring the environment.

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