Week 5: Image Manipulation

I’ve got to say, I was really disappointed when I was writing this title and I realized we were only on week 5 :/

I was really excited for this assignment, and the idea I wanted to create. I wanted to create a Mosaic Image. Unfortunately, because of time constraints and also << talent >> constraints, I decided to go for a more simple Interactive Image.

I had a few issues with creating the Mosaic image:

  1. I could not find enough filler images on time – Especially ones that matched the final images
  2.  I had technical constraints, such as I didn’t know how to create a code that could go through several images and find a small (but not too small) section in one with an average RGB value to match the original image.
  3. To accomplish this, it would have to be so many images that i would be able to zoom on each pixel and see the image, but when I zoom out I should still be able to make out what the original photo was

I had more, but these were some. I took a lot of time reading other codes online, but they were difficult to understand. I do still have it as a goal to accomplish a code like this, and hopefully, I’ll manage to do it.

For my actual assignment, my main obstacle was trying to understand the mechanism of my idea: which was to change the image upon hover. After I figured it out it seemed so simple, but sometimes I overthink things.

I also added interactivity where you can change the size of the ‘window’ you are viewing from, using the right or left arrows, which I thought added a nice touch.

Special thanks for my dog Coco, for being this week’s Model:


The second image is when she was younger (and no doubt much cuter, sorry Coco).  It was also nice to play around with either using pixels/ellipses,  and this image looked very…  classy?

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