Final Project User Test

I’ve probably said this on numerous occasions, but my main interest in interactive media lies in finding the intersection between art and technology. I wanted to find a way to combine everything we’ve learned in class about coding and using processing as a creative platform, with my passion for creating art and aesthetically appealing interactive installations. For this project, I wanted the user to be able to use their bodies as a medium or as a brush of some sorts, to paint on a canvas, through interacting with installation. I used a particle system, where I created an array of A LOT of objects or particles which are added in random positions along the radius of a circle revolving in the center of the screen. The interactive aspect of it, is that the webcam detects any movement on an x, y, z axis and creates movement in the graphics that mimic the user’s moves. This happens through adding a new center or circle in every place the user moves, and this circle has an intensity of blur that makes it appear to be moving smoothly with the user.

My friends having too much fun:

Despite the users enjoying the overall interaction, I noticed several aspects I could improve and build upon:

  1. The purpose of the project wasn’t clear at first, and some of the users were confused. This could be improved through using a large projection of the screen so that passersby can easily observe the effect of their movements on the graphics.
  2. Some users said that I should work on increasing the blur or changing the movement of the main circle, since they could see the trail of circles being added as they move.
  3. Adding more movement specific effects, in the sense that a smaller movement (moving an arm) would produce a different effect than moving the entire body.


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