Computer Vision for Artists and Designers

The reading starts off discussing how computer vision technologies have become more and more accessible than in the past. They were restricted to military and law-enforcement use but now they’re available for artists and people of all crafts to enjoy and make something really beautiful. Some of the artworks reminded me of things we saw in class and discussed in the past like the belt installation. We saw one before that was the same concept but with mirrors, and we did something sort of similar with the googly eyes in processing.   The reading discussed the technical aspects of computer vision a lot and was sort of dense,  but it helped when it came to the various aspects of computer vision when it comes to detections, tracking, and interaction. The part of the reading that intrigued me the most was the one on the Suicide Box and how it recorded 17 suicide cases whereas the police only recorded 13. It showed how much social awareness artworks made with computer vision can raise.

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