Ironman Project: Update 5/1/19

Concept of the Project:
After the feedback received in class, the concept of the remains the same. We will make a 3D video game that simulates that the user is using the iron man glove to shoot at objects.

Materials Needed:
– Infrared WebCam
– Infrared Light
– IronMan Cable
– A bluetooth arduino that send instructions to the infrared light(if it exist)
– If the above material does not exist, then batteries and a small plastic box that allow us to put the arduino in the glove without causing any accident.
– T.V or projector to screen the video game

Building the project:
The building process will be divided in two main parts: Physical Computing and creating the video game environment. The physical computing consists of building a remodeling of an iron man sensor with an infrared light that allows an infrared webcam detect the location of the glove. The glove will need to be as similar as possible as the iron man glove to create a better experiences with the user. The user in the other hand will have a button that allows them to shoot wherever they are aiming with the glove.

Creating the video game environment consists of using processing to create video game interaction. Our Processing program will receive the location of the glove and will map it to an aiming box that will show up in the screen and will move according to the glove movement. The background will recreate an iconic landscape from one of the Iron Man or Avengers movies in order to immerse the user into the story. Iconic Iron Man enemies will show up for a few seconds and these will be the targets that the user must destroy to earn points. Also, to bring more activeness to the user in the video game, AC/DC and Iron Man music will be played while the user is playing the game.

Biggest Challenges:
– Many Marvel fans have always wanted to know how does it feel to be iron man, and we hope that the interactivity of this game would have enough quality to cause that sensation.
– One of the biggest challenges will be to build a glove that gives the sensation to the user that is an actual iron man glove. That would be a key to achieve the interactivity that we want
– Another challenge is to create a video game environment that causes the user to feel that he or she is part of the Iron Man Universe. We do not only want the user to feel that they are inside of the iron man suit but also that they traveled to the MCU universe

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