Final Project Concept — Morse Code

For my final project, I want to create morse code machine that is controlled by Arduino and is displayed in Processing. I don’t know any Morse code so I would have to spend some time learning the language too. My main purpose of creating this project would be to teach other people how morse code works. Since Morse code is made of dots and dashes, I want to represent those dots and dashes in a more interesting way in Processing. For the Arduino part of the project, I would have buttons that triggers some sound and then have that signal send to Processing. That Processing program would take in the input from the Arduino and draw out the letter the person tapped out.

I might also add a game in the Processing part with letters that pop up. For example, Processing would show the letter A and the player would have to tap out A. This would continue until the game is over or whenever the player chooses to finish.

What I would need:

  1. Momentary Switch Buttons
  2. Piezo Buzzer
  3. Acrylic panel for holding the buttons — laser cutter
  4. LED lights — for emphasize on whether it’s a dot or dash

I’m trying to keep the Arduino part simple so that I could focus more on how I’m going to represent Morse Code in a creative manner. There would be two parts to choose from

  1. Learning Morse code
  2. Playing a Morse code game to test how good you are

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