Final Project: Brainstorming

My initial impulse was to focus on a processing heavy project as me and physical computing did not turn out to be very good friends – but primarily because I would like to work on a bigger, more challenging project in Processing which we did not get to during the second half of the semester.

I would like to create an art-piece using computer vision. This would form a silhouette of the person standing in front of the camera that would mimic the person’s movement – and making them pretty much one person.

What would be happening on the screen, however, would be the most important. I would like the silhouette to be filled with a lot of tiny little objects – flowers, hearts, ice-cream, a lot of happy lively colorful objects. But in between those I would insert some very ugly objects (snakes, scary clowns, spiders etc.) which would not be visible through the beauty. Next to the person, there would be a stand with three buttons that would filter what the silhouette is made of – just pretty things, just ugly things, or both (probably marked as “The Pretty, The Ugly and The Reality”).

In order to make the experience unique for each person, I would like to have it separated by walls/curtains so only one person at a time can enter and interact. Also, I would like them to first interact with the piece without pressing the filters. I was thinking of doing this through putting instructions on the floor- which would indicate that stepping into a marked circle and interacting is the first step, and pressing the buttons the second. 

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