Week 11: Physical Controller, Computing Response

Write on this blog a paragraph or two about what computing means to you at this point. Is it adding something to your life? Is it helping you become a better person? What are you getting out of it, what do others get from it?

I’ve never really worked with circuits before and have only played with the basics of it from my electronics class back in high school. I learned about parallel/series circuits and all the semantics/calculations but never put it into practice until this class. From everything we’ve learned from Arduino and Processing, I think I’ve grasped enough basics to create (almost) anything I want. I loved that we’ve learned how to connect software and hardware into one and I’m excited to make my own electronics to better my life. It’s a nice change from just making software/websites to making physical devices. Now that I’ve taken this class, I feel more confident with building actual products. Mark Zuckerberg recently posted about how he made his wife a device that emits a faint night between certain hours for a few minutes at night. If I hadn’t taken this class, I might think this project is very complicated, but I no longer think so.

  • For the project, I created a controller for my game from two weeks ago. My controller moves the bar in the game left to right. For this, I used a potentiometer because it seemed intuitive. If the player loses, the red light goes off and if they win, the green light goes off.
void loop() {
  xPos = analogRead(A0);
  int winInt = Serial.parseInt();
  int loseInt = Serial.parseInt();
  if (winInt) {
    digitalWrite(won, 1);
  if (loseInt) {
    digitalWrite(lost, 1);
void serialEvent(Serial port) {
  xPos = map(port.read(), 0, 255, 640, 0);
  port.write(int(won) + "," + int(lost) + "\n");

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