Digitize everything

While reading the text talking about waze application, the ideas were interesting to me to read but an application that looks at the traffic and tells you the best route didn’t seem new to me because from what I remember theres an application like this in Iran. This idea of the app becoming more useful the more people were using it was interesting to me but made me wonder if there were privacy issues with it. (The house price increases it talked about would be a perfect example of a privacy issue. Using people’s data against them.) It might be an obvious thing to others but what caught my attention was that at one point referred to this increase in effectiveness with the increase of users as the “network effect”. And it made me think back on the fact that social media networks are very much dependent on this. The best social media platform would be nothing without a network of people. You go on Facebook to connect with other people but if those people weren’t there it would serve no benefit.

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