Designing for Outlires

In general, the human built environment is designed to fit the average person. Doors are designed for most people to be easily walked through. Chairs are designed to be sat in comfortable way (most of the time).

Image result for dysfunctional chair

As such, most things are designed to be functional to the greatest number of users: ie. Right handed scissors. As the article states, however, some of the most interesting functional design comes in to being as a result of variance from the norm.

The article explains the significance and design of a multitude of common, and less common objects, and how they were designed to equalize those with disabilities such as bad eyesight, hearing, and lack of limbs. I was fascinated by the way this article defined an object as common as eyeglasses through this lens.

So if you are a particularly tall person, design a door you can fit through.

Image result for door for tall person

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