“Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better”

There are two ideas approached by this reading that I believed can really improve my strategies as a designer.

The first idea is that attractive things tend to perform better than an ugly thing. To support this claim, the author gives the example of an experiment done in Japan about pretty ATMs having a higher positive impact on people than uglier ATMs. After knowing this, now I realized the importance of the aesthetics of things and how I can use the tendency that human beings prefer pretty things in my favor.  There have been times in this class that even though I  have spent hours working in complicated coding projects and I just don’t feel proud of myself and sometimes I do easy coding things that perform well easily and It does not take a long time to do. Going back to these projects, I realized that the projects that I made that I feel proud of myself to tend to be the ones that have an aesthetic outcome and the ones that I didn’t feel proud were not good looking projects. This teach me that maybe If I ever want to sell a product the aesthetic is as important as the function of the product.


The second idea is that anxiety help to focusing but not creativity, This is a mistake that I tend to do to leave things to the end. Now, that I know this, I have decided to at least design my projects when I am in a good mood and happy because as it is mention in the reading this will help me to improve my brainstorms for the project.

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