Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits

…..I feel called out.

But this reading brings up an extremely important point: just because it’s already been done, does not mean you should not do it.

My theater professor always says, “It may have already been done, but is hasn’t been done by YOU”. So maybe we’ve seen a Tilty controller before, but your own personal interests, strengths, and creativity can make it into something really interesting that should be pursued. The fact that something has already been explored before does not mean that it should not be explored further. Maybe there’s a hidden gem that the first explorer did not find before. Okay I feel like I’m gonna start getting metaphorical so I’ll change the subject.

Overall, this reading was really generative for ideas and reflective on how the class has been going so far. I saw my peer’s projects in some of the ideas presented, but I could also recall projects that the reading did not bring up. Not that those are more valuable or more creative, just that they were different.

Time to make stuff that’s already been made!

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