Reading Response: Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits and Misses

This was a very fun post to read because I felt like it was a great “wiki” page for Interactive Media undergraduate projects. I think that this provides me with a very good starting point for brainstorming possible projects in the future, especially for me final project. The author also gives helpful tips for “optimizing” the projects, and making them as interactive and effective as possible. I also found the author’s second paragraph to be interesting and inspiring. I encountered this problem of originality early on in the course, when I would see project ideas online or from former classes. Not that I ever copied them, but taking inspiration from technical or creative elements from these projects would inevitably result in my own personal twists to the project, allowing me to create my own original output. This is why the author’s point on originality truly resonated with me, and I think I will be less afraid to seek inspiration from others’ work.

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