Hey throw that ball in this thing

Boy was I in for a treat this morning when I strolled on down to the IM lab to finish my project. I was sure it would only take five or so minutes. I just needed to add some parts that I didn’t have in my room.

Nope. Definitely not. I got to the lab and, half an hour later, had discarded my entire project. Hours spent in my room, fiddling with compelx codes and multiple inputs and outputs, all gone. So, yeah, I don’t think this project is exactly what Aaron was looking for with this assignment, but I think I twiddled enough in my room to understand the concepts we needed to grasp.

My original idea was to have my sunglasses come down, as they did before, and then I would snap some finger guns and suddenly, LED lights would come on, blinking “S W A G” in morse code.

Instead, I have this…

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