No Hands Switch: Sunglasses Edition

I’m what the kids call (sunglasses flip down onto my eyes) a huge nerd. Honestly this took me way longer than it should have to make purely because I didn’t have clear tape. But alas, there is nothing that blue tack can’t do. But between screaming in frustration every time the alligator clamps fell off my nose and crying whenever the wire fell off my glasses, I actually got a few cheers in when the little blue light would show itself.

Basically, I wired up an LED and then added a bit of a disruption in the middle. Instead of the electricity going straight from the power source to the LED, it made a quick detour through two alligator clamps, one wire, my sunglasses, my nose, and then to the LED. The wire was taped onto a piece of tinfoil that was on the brim of my sunglasses. The other end was attached to an alligator clamp which then fed into the breadboard.

On my nose was more tinfoil and attached to that was an alligator clamp with the wire that would complete the circuit. Once I flipped my sunglasses from my forehead to my eyes, the LED would light up.


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  1. Hey Tori, that video link doesn’t lead anywhere. Can you embed the video directly in WordPress. I think all you have to do is just paste the link in the post, but I’m not sure.

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