Lamp (Final Project)

For my final project, I have completed making a lamp. The design was hard for me to decide, but through some modification, it ended up like this.


Unfortunately, I have lost the lamp so I am unable to show the video, but I will update this post if I find it.

Code is shown in the previous article of mine.

It was a good project because I learnt so much about coding and it made me decide to pursue coding as my career. It was also good because I was able to make a lamp that functions the way I want it to.

There are two major modifications that need to be made. One is that the box is too big and the light doesn’t diffuse well inside (it is too concentrated at one point rather than spread over the entire box so it doesn’t look good when you look at it). so its either make the light strong enough to spread over the box or make the box smaller, which latter is to be a better option.

Another modification that needs to be made is that the color change is manual, not automatic, so it may be better that I provide a function where the light color varies along time.

Hopefully I will take more Interactive Media courses during four years in NYUAD.


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