Practical Processing

Jackal Radio uses a piece of software called SAM broadcaster to create the radio stream. It has a bunch of built in features which don’t really work. You can only hook up one external input, which means that you have to use an external application to mix input from a variety of sources (mic, line in, turntable) which then gets piped into SAM. One thing we’ve been trying to implement lately is soundbites. You know how radio stations always have their characteristic little soundbite? That’s what we want. Stuff like “Jackal Radio: The galaxy’s only college radio station” or “Jackal Radio: Jackal Radio’s Jackal Radio.” I built a little processing sketch that can play these little bits at the press of a button. I made a GIF to demonstrate this. Check it out! As always, why work on your capstone when you can work on radio stuff?


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