Week 12 Final Project: Space Tour :) 🚀

Project Description: 

After giving it much thought, I have decided to make my final project on an arcade game the space shooter game such as this one:

However, I would like to bring my own twist to it by making in a way that it is controlled by your motion and instead of the usual gaming controls. I plan on using a pair of latex gloves with photoresistor sensors to control the  different type of shootings in the game and the ultrasonic sensors to detect the motion of the players. I also plan on using the potentiometer to set the level of difficulty (easy/medium/hard) by dividing the input into 3 intervals.

The players will also have lives on the top corner to make it a little more challenging and the opponents for the player will keep changing between alien ships and asteroids with different powers to keep it interesting.


  • Ultrasonic sensors x2
  • photoresistors x3
  • led lights x3
  • potentiometer x1
  • Breadboard and Arduino x1
  • gloves x1 pair
  • jumper and cable wires
  • Aluminium tape

As of now I am working on the game and structure it in a way where it would be easy for me to connect it with the Arduino later. I believe connecting it with Arduino is going to be the toughest part since I believe I have not had enough practice to polish my serial communication skills between Arduino and Processing.

Hence side by side, I am also planning to give enough time to Arduino with a demo programme to see how to go about it.

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