User Tests feedback post by Nick and Me

The first version of the videogame was done and we tested with three users.

The feedback given by user 1 was: Make the cursor brighter, avoid mirror effect with the cursor, have fewer targets that go faster, create random motions with the targets, and instructions so the user knows how to play;

The feedback given by user 2 was: Try to add more animations special effects so it feels more like a videogame, Make the cursor brighter and avoid the mirror effect.

The feedback given by user 3 (Jack) was: Modify the algorithm(Right now I am detecting the closer object in the Kinect in certain thresholds, but Jack told me that I would be a better idea to detect the change in the motion by making a comparison among different frame counts), to make the cursor more noticeable, and to declare the animations in the set up to make the code runs smoother


Conclusion and observations of the user tests:

  • We need to improve the design because users take time to figure it out what’s going on and it is still intuitive.
  • We will try the algorithm suggested by Jack to see if the movement detection accuracy improves.
  • We will use Jack advice to add properly the animation needed to improve the experience of the game.

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