Nisala and Jana: User Testing

Our user testing pointed out a couple of imperfections that, however, can be relatively easily fixed:

  • the users do not know they are supposed to hold the button to scream – instructions said only “Scream as loud as you are stressed”.
  • also, instructions overall need to be more visible and readable, some more clearly formulated (which we wanted to print out and paste only after user testing anyway, exactly for this reason)
  • the visuals on the screen are a little difficult to see and to distinguish, what’s happening. Solution for this: adjust the colors and the mapped values that affect the speed and radius of the path. We need to make more clear that people are submitting some data, all of which are visualized.
  • the program is getting a little laggy with more inputs – using an iMac instead of a laptop with a larger monitor can be a potential solution

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