Final Project Prototype

After a little freak-out moment, when the whole project stopped working after rewiring some buttons (which was solved by moving them from Pin 1 and starting at Pin 2) , we managed to bring it back to life (relatively) fast and finished up with the prototype. We finished all of the classes so they all draw different shapes (based on the emotion), scale them according to the volume input, and change their path and speed of movement based on the potentiometer value (that reflects an energy level of the respondent).

What also gave us a little (or a LOT) of troubles was making a shape that is not rect() or ellipse() – as they have one center point that is easily manipulated with-  and move and scale the shape while still maintaining the same proportions. Push and PopMatrix() was the solution for this as well as the scale() function within the Matrix.

Now when the code is fully working in its intended essence, we still need to work on making it more visually attractive so it better represents the data. Also, the sizes of the objects are little uneven, so we need to adjust the mapped values (and distinguish the ones that are being adjusted at the moment so that the respondent can see it clearly). User testing, however, is what will get us the closest to the most suitable range of values.

We also finalized the design for the interface and hopefully will get to building it tomorrow so that we can get to the user testing stage as fast as possible. 

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