Response: Computer Visions for Artists and Designers

Although I am not incorporating computer vision into my final project, this is still a field of interactive media that I am very interested in. What I found most interesting was that this technology has been used for art since the 1960s/1970s. I thought that computer vision’s use for art and media was relatively new, and that computer vision in general was a field that has only become useful in the past two decades. The reading mentions that its use has been limited to  law-enforcement and military purposes, so this really makes me wonder how much computer vision for art would change if this technology was declassified.

I am extremely interested in how computer vision can be further used for media and art, but I cannot help but feel intimidated by the sophistication of it. At least to me, computer vision seems like technology out of a Star Wars movie, but this article allowed me to gain insight into how this technology is not as new as I thought and how it is very accessible to interactive media artists.

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