Progress on Final Project

I worked intensively on my final project this weekend and I think I am about 80% done with the project, the rest of what I need to complete being fine tuning animations and creating a few physical components to be used along with my joystick. I initially used a button at the beginning of my creation process, but found that it was not engaging enough. I am now using two force sensors: one for harvesting resources and the other for interacting with the animals.

I plan to put one sensor into a stuffed animal’s head requiring the user to “pet” the animals. In order to harvest materials, users must hit the force sensor, which I plan to hide under a piece of wood, with a mallet I plan to construct.

I have completed the most difficult aspects of the project by coding nearly all the stages and the mechanics and animations. Although some of the timings and animations are not what I intended, I think I can complete this within a few days. I have also completed the Arduino circuit to receive information from the joystick and the two force sensors which are completely usable in the game.


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