Casey Reas

Reas’ talk deals with the concepts of ‘order’ and ‘chaos’ in the artistic world – both these elements provide an exhaustive range of possibilities that can exist. Many digital artists within the last half millennia and specifically the last decade have really expanded this field of idiosyncratic designs and abstraction. I really liked Reas’ installation of turning something artificial into an organic art form at 3:2o as this art form really appeals to me as I’m someone who always seeks to find patterns in nature. I also found the movement and emergent growth portrayed by his later work (as portrayed at 29:00) to also be very appealing.

I really liked his concept about ‘using a rational machine to do something random’ and taking the time to understand this form of digital art as a ‘sum of the whole’ (looking at the last decade) as it made me gain more respect for abstract art as a whole, which I previously found arbitrary and futile.

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