Random and Organic Digital Art with Casey Reas

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What I found most fascinating about Casey Reas’ talk on his the theories of organic randomness and in digital artwork, is the way that he distilled the lines of code he writes into simple and direct paragraphs that define what Is going on. He then is able to combine those paragraphs, just like someone would while building interlaced code, and create a much more complex layering of Ideas and functions into a single image.

There is also a section where he discusses his desire to create a consistent moving texture that doesn’t decay after being played over the course of several days. This is interesting in context of one of Reas’ goals, to artificially create images that imitate organic life.

Another thing I was intrigued by was the program Reas used to demonstrate how symmetry can make something random into something recognizable, but organic.

I think it is interesting how he conceptualizes how the randomness of computer generated artwork has developed over time, and how he and others use it. He talks about it like any art critic would a piece of fine renaissance artwork, because this is the renaissance he sees. The digital age has opened up new fields and possibilities for the artwork we design.


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