Useless (but playful!) midterm proposal

Taking a great inspiration in Zimoun’s work with random tiny objects that make natural sounds, I would like to create something similar- yet obviously on a much smaller scale. A very rough plan is to create a structure with a piece of metal (or some other material) that would be put close to a servo with a long stick attached to it. On the stick, several pieces of small objects (glass balls, metal nuts etc.) would be hanging on strings. In this way, I would like to combine servo’s analog output with an analog input of a sensor (pressure, light, motion – will see what works in the process). Therefore the sensor would trigger the servo to move – just in the right distance so the stick stops in front of the metal piece and physics will do the magic of small tiny objects moving and hitting it.

Starting very simple, but as I learned with the last project, the complexity can be added once the simple idea works.




One thought on “Useless (but playful!) midterm proposal”

  1. Nice reasonable direction! Maybe the stick moves around in a circle, staying in one place, instead of pivoting, this might be easier for the servo. If the stick was stationary, and just rotated around its center, then you could put something else on the far side of the metal sheet to support the weight of the stick, so it’s not all on the servo.

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