Reading response 3 – A brief rant on the future of interaction design

It was very interesting for me to read this. Even though I love my iPhone’s touch screen, I resonate so much with wanting to touch and feel things with our hands. I think it’s such a loss to lose that interaction. The best part of living in a 3D world is being able to see and feel different shapes and angles and textures. As kids, when we walk around in a store, we want to touch everything. For some of us, this is still the case… Kids are told, however, to stop touching things, and I feel this restriction resembles the restriction of touch in the advancement of technology. But there’s a reason that we want to touch different textures and shapes. It comes from our curiosity. The writer talks about a group of inspired people being powerful, but inspiration is derived from experiencing things for yourself, and becoming curious about them.

As someone who loves the internet but still refuses to give up their journal and planner for google calendar no matter how many invites people send, and someone who appreciates physical books so much more, although I feel the writer’s stance is a little bit extreme, I generally agree with them. For example, people used to use type writers, and then they used big keyboards, and slowly the keys got thinner and thinner until touch screen/touch  keyboards were made. But the experience of a typewriter, however might be less efficient, is so much stronger. I would definitely not want to give up my mac’s keyboard for a touch keyboard. To me, it’s great for some things to be touch screen, but others shouldn’t be, because they would lose the experience. And experiencing these little things is what keeps life interesting and inspiring.

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