Final Project Idea

For my final project I envision revolutionizing waste management with an innovative automatic trash can that transforms the way we sort and manage our garbage. Imagine a single, sleek unit that dynamically categorizes different types of waste on its own, eliminating the need for multiple bins and the hassle of manual sorting. This intelligent trash can intuitively detects and segregates various materials like plastic, paper, and general waste as items are discarded, streamlining the recycling process effortlessly.

The system operates seamlessly, leveraging advanced sensors to identify the composition of incoming waste in real time. As items are tossed in, the trash can harnesses its sensor network to recognize the material type, swiftly directing each piece to its designated compartment within the unit. With a smart sorting mechanism at play, the trash can effortlessly organizes and manages the disposal, making eco-conscious living incredibly convenient for users.

This isn’t just a mere disposal unit; it’s a sustainable innovation aimed at promoting efficient recycling practices in households and public spaces. The simplicity of tossing items into a single receptacle while knowing they’ll be automatically sorted for proper recycling is not just convenient—it’s a step towards a cleaner, greener future.

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