Assignment 8 – “Don’t steal my Arduino UNO”


For this assignment, I tried to come up with a functional switch that could be potentially used in real life. As it was my first time working with electronics, I found it very interesting to explore different tools and materials that could be used in the project.

After some consideration, I decided to create a theft detection switch that is triggered when an object is taken out of the place. One of the complications I had to solve was to make a switch more convenient by not connecting the wire directly to the object that was being tracked.

Technical structure

For this switch, I used conductive fabric, which was put on the back of the object. I secured two wires on the table, one of which was connected to an Arduino Uno, while another was connected to a solderless breadboard. When an object is lying on the wires, the circuit completes and the LED lights up. The moment you take the object from its place, the LED goes out.


Link to the video: Switch_demostration


I really enjoyed working with electronics, and I see how many things can be done using them. I’m glad I managed to find a practically usable switch that could be potentially used in future work. I’m looking forward to learning more about Arduino and creating more and more sophisticated projects.

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