week8.assignment – Creative With Switches


Since this is the first time I get to work with electric components, specifically the Arduino Uno, I am excited to explore all the possibilities with physical computing and circuit design. For the first assignment using the Arduino, we were tasked to come up with a creative switch, a physical component that opens and closes the circuit, without the use of our hands. The concept that I came up with was to create a switch that completes the circuit when you bend your arm in and flex your bicep.


Accomplishing this switch was slightly more challenging than anticipated, At first, I realized that the wires given in the starter kit were not long enough, to comfortably create connective pads. Additionally, I tried to use conductive fabric, however, the tape I had would not hold it in place properly. Finally, I decided that it was best to use two aluminum foil pads for creating the connection. A video of the working switch is attached below.



Overall, with my limited knowledge of circuit design and lack of certain supplies, I believe that I could have created a better switch. Nevertheless, since this is my first time working with these concepts, I am proud of the switch I created, and I believe it is a fun way to connect a circuit. On a side note, even though the circuit was only 5V, it still gave me a weird sensation on my skin as the current was trying to pass through me. I look forward to working on more complex projects involving the Arduino.

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