Final Project – User Testing

Group: Vladimir, Dariga

For user testing, we asked Aaron to test our game without giving him any prompts/instructions (thank you, Aaron!). User testing was important to highlight 2 major issues with the project at the moment:

  1. We did not make instructions super clear and eye-catching. Aaron skipped through reading them.
  2. The complexity of the game levels was a bit too much. It was challenging to complete some of them and car movements made it sometimes impossible.

The interesting part of our project involves not so standard way of controlling the movement across screens in p5js. We use a physical wooden piece – controller labelled C. User testing showed that players can get confused and use arrows instead and then use hands, instead of the controller, to move.

After some explanation on the controller part, the experiences with navigating through levels were working well. Some areas of improvement included reducing the complexity. At some levels, the door was not wide enough to be easily passed, or cars made the player die too often and it got annoying quickly.

Post-user testing edits on the project included:

  1. We added more instructions. We have even changed the text colour to include some contrast. The image of the physical component – the board and controller – was included in the p5js entry screen as well.
  2. The complexity of game levels was reduced to make the game experience more enjoyable while intentionally leaving this feeling of being a bit frustrated.

Some demo videos are included below.

Demo video 1:


Demo video 2:

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