Final Project Idea Proposal

Group: Vladimir, Dariga


A rhythm game where you are given instructions on which notes to play from a song. You must use our physical controller to play these sounds. You must keep up the tempo and always play the correct notes. We plan to prepare one to three songs for the player, which they will be able to select. Also, we can add a ‘freestyle’ mode where the song is generated at every moment.

Arduino: We have a square wooden box with the top open. We also have a ball or other smooth object which we place inside the box. We intend to use 2-4 ultrasonic sensors to track the position of the ball inside the box. For example in case of 2 sensors, one should track X position and the other should track Y position.

p5js: The canvas will be divided to include multiple colored regions that will correspond to a particular sound. Placement of the physical ball within the particular region will trigger a sound to play. One way to define the regions is by a 3×3 grid:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Here the cell 5 could not play a sound but the other ones would.

We haven’t decided yet on the particular sounds to play, with the preliminary idea for sounds to represent pre-defined notes.

On the screen, we also show the instructions (sequence of notes) that the player has to play. We can also color code the notes to make it easier to remember.

When the player misses enough notes they lose. Without missed notes, the player completes their music experience and may restart the game.




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