Unusual Switch ft. New Roommates


Since our two new roommates (whose names are yet to be determined, but for now we call them Pikachu and Purple Banana) arrived, we have been showcasing them on our social media. When I learned about the task, I was immediately aware that I needed to incorporate both of them into the project somehow. I came up with the idea of using Pikachu’s movable ears to create a switch that could be turned on and off, and thankfully, it proved successful in the end. Here are my two new roommates, chilling together:


By attaching two coins to the underside of the ears in a specific manner, I established a mechanism such that when the ears were lifted, the coins would not make contact with each other. However, as the ears returned to their resting position, the coins would come into contact, closing the circuit and ultimately causing the bulb to light up. The open and closed switch looks like this:

The final product is converted into a GIF and it looks like this:


As a result of time constraints and other academic obligations, I was unable to experiment further with the project. In the future, I intend to commence the assignment much earlier to allow for more exploration. Additionally, the setup proved to be rather unstable as the wires kept becoming disconnected. To improve this, I plan on using better tape and aluminum foil (the one that covers the yogurt jar does not work apparently).

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