Unusual Switch | Mouth Stick


In my favorite movie “The Intouchables”[1+1, alternatively], the main character Philippe is a disabled person, and he is paralyzed below his neck. There was a moment in the film when it was shown how he uses the mouth stick, instead of hands, to turn pages of the physical book. Mouth stick is a useful tool for those who do not have hand functionality and need assistance with writing, typing, pointing, or turning a page of a book as in the movie.

For this homework assignment, I tried to replicate the idea in a quite abstract way of using mouth to touch a panel and let LED light signal that the touch occurred. It may be useful on an idea basis as the signal to turn the page using digital devices with touch sensors now.


Implementation is very similar to the circuit we built in class using LED light. The difference lied in adding two more wires that were also covered in aluminum foil as the conductive material. One of the wires was connected to a cardboard panel covered by foil, while the other one was connected to a plastic straw that I used to replicate mouth stick. The foils/wires had to touch with each other to make circuit complete and let LED turn on. When there was no contact, LED light was off.  Thus, touching panel with mouth stick was signaled by turning on LED light.



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