Midterm Progress | Survive the Semester


For the midterm, I want to develop a simple game “Survive the semester”. In this game, a player should catch different items to continue playing until time is over. In case time reaches 0, the player won. For now, my plan is to make game over in cases when player’s health or joy levels reaches 0. I intend to include 2 progress bars reflecting student’s health and joy. Different items will have different effects on the bars, e.g. catching sleep will increase player’s health. Though, the game logic is not yet finalized. I may do it the way that if student fails to catch something, health/joy is deducted.


I chose the NYUAD night picture as a background image. I am a kind of student who does a lot of study-related work at nights, so this choice was a bit relevant to me to reflect the game theme on studying.


For me, the most frightening part was to get an idea of what game I want to develop. I would not describe myself as creative, and creating original game takes a lot of effort and time to me. I was also concerned on the progress bars and updates to them. I did not finish their implementation now, but I got the idea on how to work on them and I believe I should be able to finish it well before submitting my work.

I have also implemented the main mechanical part of game – involving falling ball and catching figure. I will  change the image of falling objects and catching rectangle to adjust to my game design objectives. I kept it simple for now to test if it works as it should first.

Future Steps:

I got a lot of ideas on my mind and I am excited to see on what I will end up implemented for this game!

Yet, what I would definitely need to add to my implementation:

  • Sounds. Should be fun experience to select those =)
  • More images. Especially, for falling objects. Falling ball is irrelevant to my game now.
  • OOP. It should not be a problem.
  • Better visuals involving text. Now it is basic, I may need to make the visual part of game provide better UI and UX to the player
  • More enhanced game logic and progress bars!

Link to the sketch: https://editor.p5js.org/ds6058/sketches/1lbHkjJpV




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