Majid Ibrahim – King Portrait

Your concept:
My idea is to make a portrait of a wise king. I went through a lot of experimenting to finally end up with this portrait, however, it was a very fun process overall, and am happy with how it turned out.

A highlight of some code that you’re particularly proud of:
I used a lot of partial layering to achieve the look and shape that I wanted. An example of this is the inner ear:

In addition, I didn’t know how to thicken the arc for the eyebrows so I came up with the idea to just add more arcs to increase the thickness:

Embedded sketch:

Reflection and ideas for future work or improvements:

I started this as a portrait of myself. I made the head shape but got stuck on the hair. After some experimenting, I came up with the idea of the crown. It was more stylish than my original idea. With that I naturally thought of making the portrait of a king instead. As I was working on the lower part of the portrait i.e. the shoulder and upper torso, I struggled with getting it all to fit together so I decided to give him a beard to circumvent this issue. The choice of red background color was a reference to the background color of the UAE leader’s portraits. For future improvements, I would add interactivity to the portrait by making the eyes follow the cursor and have the mouseclick change the background color and clothes.



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