Final Project update – Daniel and Q M


Our final project will be a mixer using an arduino board and P5js’ sound library.


The mixer will use the following components:

    • 1 potentiometer – analog input (Will work like a slider would in an actual mixer)
    • 2 buttons to switch between effects
    • 1 button to work as a Pause/Play button
    • [MAYBE] 1 button to work as a Bypass/Standby function

Here is a sketch of what it would look like:

We will use the Arduino’s box  to make the board and double as a place to hide the board.

The interface where you will mix is looking like this, currently I am working on it and designing it, this is not the final product/result as I’d like to add some color to it:

The line at the middle will react to the sound and hopefully produce colors and make a sound wave.

Future plans

During the week we expect to finish the interface and Arduino set-up, and would be working on the code and synching in the sounds.

Only project that may come is being able to translate the values from the potentiometer to the parameters to make the effects take effect.

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