This week required us to utilize the tools offered in the Arduino kit to construct a build that would serve as an instrument! This was extremely fun to work with, especially given the musical background I used to be fond of years ago. The idea revolved around building a piano instrument that would appeal to all different age groups! Going back to this felt nostalgic.



The initial plan was to construct a keyboard that would serve as a piano for the user while trying my best to stay away from a cliche approach. As a result, I shifted my focus to an analog perspective and discovered the ultrasonic shock sensor. This was convenient for the approach I was going through as it utilized music and human interaction simultaneously. After researching and finalizing the code, adding an artistic element was essential not only to make it appealing to adults but also children. I sketched, colored, and cut a layout that beautifully complements the program.




future improvements:

Adding LEDs would be beneficial to the young target audience in mind as it would serve as an indicator for them, thus making the functionality easier.

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