final project progress: not 90%

So, according to the ambitions that I had in the previous post, I wanted to create a 3d interface controller to play a snake game in 3d format. I built a box, it worked, when I placed a hand inside of it. Also, apparently, the project, which I wanted to implement in my project, was created 10 years ago and it is not relevant anymore (oops). At least, I learned soldering and could do a 220k resistor, so if you need one, I have it…

However, the given values were inaccurate and I could not check if the p5js/or any 3d processing code would work with it. Had some trouble planning the project accordingly.

After talking to Professor Aaron, he suggested using a ZX distance and gesture sensor instead. I might use two sensors to provide a 3d effect, but it does not work anyways. So I hope that even one sensor could work for now.

In my p5js code, I just re-created a simple snake game, which is controlled by the keys for now.

Sorry, my project has not progressed much, since my idea was changing the whole week.

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