Final Project – Progress

p5JS game

I have started working on the p5js game. This game will involve a view similar to that of temple run or subway surfers, and obstacles will be on your path and the player/skater will have to move side to side (and eventually) jump over them. This week, I have managed to set up the basic stage design as well as some scaling properties for the background to make it appear like the player is moving.

I have not yet been able to create the sprites for the player so a placeholder circle is being used.


I managed to also set up the serial communication from the accelerometer to the p5js and get some basic movement going. When I have the prototype for the game ready to go, I will attach the Arduino with the sensor to my penny board and calibrate it for the controls.


  1. Create/find sprites for the player
  2. Finish the game logic
  3. Finish the game design (sound/score/restart)
  4. Pressure pad for jump control
  5. Figure out how to block wheels on the penny board

Progress video

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