Week 5 – Midterm prototype


For my midterm, I wanted to make some form of pixel art-type monster fighting game in a 2D world. My inspiration for this comes from games like pokemon that I played on my Gameboy as well as newer Nintendo Switch games like Towerfall. I drew up a sketch of what I wanted my game to look like but I was open to making changes so that the gameplay is smooth.

I know this is going to be challenging and quite time-consuming but I want to see how far I can push myself and create a fun game that I and others can enjoy.


I was thinking of making my own pixel art assets but soon found that I do not have the skills nor the time to learn the skills to make them myself right now. I would like to explore this further in the coming weeks but for now, I used assets from Itch.io. I found some player and object sprite sheets that are free for non-commercial use.


I flipped the sprite sheet to obtain movement in the left and right directions with Preview on my laptop. Using the boilerplate code from class that Professor Aaron provided, I was able to get my player up and running.


This was a bit tricky as I wanted all the attack sprites to loop with a mouse click. I couldn’t figure it out at first because I was using a while loop which made my program freeze. With some help from discord, I implemented it using an attack boolean. Although this increased the amount of code I had, the attack was working fine now.


I was hoping to find a stage online that I could use for my game but I didn’t really find anything that I liked. I did some googling and found something called tilesets which is similar to sprite sheets but for building 2D levels. I use this dungeon tileset that was free to download along with Tiled to create my own basic level.


w – move up
s – move down
a – move left
d – move right

mouse left click – attack


Note: This is a work in progress.


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