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For this week, there we many different ideas that came to mind, but at some point, I thought about the saying, “This Is Water”, that David Foster Wallace refers to in a commencement speech. The first image that came to mind was of fish, and when I googled it, this came up:

I then thought about how I could recreate this in some way while focusing on the text, originally I wanted to recreate the entire image, with the words “This is Water” using circle packing to recreate water. So I began by looking at different videos,

random circles with no overlap
animated circle packing 
animates circle packing image 

While these videos were very helpful in understanding the concept, they weren’t in psj5 so while I could understand the components, I still needed help recreating the idea in psj5, which is when I was able to find examples like the ones in the videos but in psj5, none of them had all of the components of what I wanted to do, so I added a component that would make the circles stop filling in empty spots,  and another that from a black and white image, would fill in the spots where there is a white pixel.

One of my first attempts I began with this:

But then I tried a bunch of different images and styles,

These were the final images, that allowed me to get this result:

Moving forward, I would want to combine the idea of letters coming back to a home location so that the bubbles can go from random positions to form a word.

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