Wild Wild Taxi (OOP)

For this week’s assignment, I first struggled to come up with an idea, I didn’t want to keep the same idea from last week, or I didn’t really see how it would benefit from an OOP, so instead, I thought about different games I like to play. Wild Wild Taxi has been (as “childish” as it may be) one of my favorite games since I was in maybe 1st grade.

Recently I haven’t been able to play it because it requires Flashplayer, which is not longer available. So, I began with the activity we did in class,

I then wanted to change the speeds of the car and control the Y position of the red car, but with this I wasn’t able to control the car so I tried added if loops in different places.

Still, even when I added an if statement to update the car, it was updating the position of all of the cars, I could control the Y position, but again, of all the cars. I had to figure out a way to control the Y position of just the red car.

Finally, I figured out that in order to control just one car that was created through the class, I would have to run it separately so that I could update its position, I also flipped the cars because moving side to side isn’t very realistic for cars. I also played around with other components and added a few other things, like changing the speed and color, so it would appear to be different cars that are passing.

Since I chose this project for me to be able to play the game, I would like to continue adding components, like a score, and the position of the car being changed by the keys being pressed, but for now, here is what I have! You can move the car to a different lane so it doesn’t get rear-ended by other cars.

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