Preliminary Concept for Final Project


Recreate a piano game using both processing and Arduino. I would like to create a piano interface that would be visually available on the screen of the computer through processing. The input from the user would be through the Arduino where pushing differing buttons will play different notes and the potentiometer will allow accessing different parts of the piano. The visual part of the piano would also change according to the position of the potentiometer.

Specific Features:

I would like to implement two main modes for the game.

  1. The first mode would be a free piano play. Basically, this game mode will allow the user to explore through the piano. Record what is played and edit a final composition.
  2. The second mode would be more like a game where the user will have to play the notes according to what the screen displays. Basically, the game will consist on notes(balls) falling on specific notes to which the user must push a specific button to resemble he/she playing that specific note. The game will also include lives which will be recorded by led lights on the Arduino. The user will lose a life if he/she pushes the incorrect button or fails to push it on time.

This idea was inspired from a game called Smule on the iPad/iPhone

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