Midterm – 2d Basketball Game

Its finally here…

For my midterm project, I decided to do something related to sports because I was really amused by the kinetic physics models that Professor Aaron had showed us in class. And so building on top of that, I made a simple 2d basketball game wherein the player can control the force applied on the ball and the direction of its trajectory, with the goal being to score at least 15 points in a given time frame. The time frame can be decided by the user and offers them three levels: beginner wherein the ticker is quite slow, intermediate, ticker is pacy but still doable and advanced, it would be a genuine achievement if you can win this level.


Here is the video for my game:


Here is my Git for this project:



For this project, I really wanted to focus on a 90s video cassette type feel to it and so I curated the animations keeping that in mind. I purposely made th audio and timer controls slow so as to accentuate the feel of that old era gaming.

For the audio slider, I basically implemented it using maps

For the animation, I did it through assigning variables to manioulate location and direction.

For the bounce in the ball, I achieved it by dampening the velocity of the ball upon collision.

The physics of the ball is based on the Newtonian laws of motion.

I found most of the game art online but had to curate certain pieces like the baskeball and the player through photoshop to get the desired effect.

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