Midterm project || airplane game

As semester goes to the middle, we have our last coding assignment before the spring break. Goal of the assignment  is to build a game in processing using all our previous knowledges (insert sound, images and so on)

We already created a game when learned class structure as a part of object oriented programming (third week assignment),  as i spend a lot of time on visual part, i decided to build my game based on the previous assignment. I add all the physics and the game works now as a true game

When you start the game the main screen with the rules appear

So, you have 3 levels of the game, each of them has different properties

  • easy

As this mode is running the amount of the clouds is not high so you can easily manage the plane. To win you have to pick up only 2 coins

  • medium

Medium mode is a bit harder to play because of the

  • hard

To win in this mode you have to pick up the biggest amount of the coins and the amount of the clouds is the biggest, so this mode is really for professionals .

Win screen shows you beautiful fireworks

In case the plane touches the cloud you get this screen

After the game is finished you can restart the game pressing the space bar on the keyboard. By the way all the operations in the game managed by keyboard. For example, level choice and plane management using “wasd” letters).

At the beginning i was thinking about the  process of the crashing the plane. Quite often circles are used to create a condition  to end the game, however in this particular situation the shape of the cloud is not really a circle, because it is based on rectangle. Solution of this problem is to use 2 circles for the cloud. To be honest i thought that this approach would not guarantee the , but when you play it gives really very sensitive clouds and plane so the game is not as simple as can seems to be. The same approach i used to pick up coins. After you catch the coin the score goes up and game finishes when the corresponding amount of coins is reached.

The final result you can see on this video demonstrating the game process


As for my personal experience, i am happy that i had an opportunity to finish the game and bring it to life.

Press the link to see the full code:



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