Github for the class

Git is a powerful way to manage code, and we’ll use only a tiny bit of its power to update the weekly examples folder on our computers. It’s super easy.


Initialization (you only need to do these steps once):

If you haven’t installed git on your computer, install git on your computer (or optionally here’s a different set of instructions).

Change directory (cd on the command line) into the location where you want the class repository to live.

Clone the repo to your computer: git clone

Regular Use:

If working off any example, copy that example somewhere outside of the repo to mitigate any merge conflicts later on.

To get new examples: git pull

If you’re unsure if you’ve been working in examples directly in the repo you can stash everything before pulling:

  • git stash
  • git pull

To get stashed code back: git stash pop

To see what’s been stashed: git stash list

To remove all stashes: git stash clear

To reset everything to be just like the repo online:

  • git fetch origin
  • git reset --hard origin/master

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