Final Project Brainstorming

So as usual, being the indecisive person I am, I have no clue what I will be doing for the final project. I have some random ideas as to what I can do so far:

Idea 1:

Building some kind of trivia for a TV show like How I Met Your Mother, where questions pop up and you answer using the buttons and a yellow bulb signifies waiting for response, a blue one blinks when you answer, and at the end a green one. According to your answers, the screen tells you which character you are most similar to.

Idea 2:

Building some kind of spike ball representing COVID-19 where each spike when clicked would bring an output of sound, picture, or data of a country/ worldwide.

Idea 3:

Connect 4 game on screen played by 4 buttons representing each position.

Idea 4:

Obstacle course game on screen where you move using buttons and collect power-ups to overcome challenges. Could be a multiplayer race between 2 players.

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