Final Project Idea

For my Final Project, I have managed to narrow it down to a single idea as explained below.


For this, I wanted to recreate the Flappy Bird game but make it a Covid 19 edition, where the user will be able to control the bird’s up & down movement with a photoresistor or distance sensor and to control its left & right movement with a switch or potentiometer.

another possible idea…if i have enough time of course…

I wanted to also introduce another type of input instead of using the photoresistor only, which would be a microphone. So, instead of being able to control the up and down movement with only your hand, it would move the bird’s location base on the user’s amplitude value within the volume, or how loud they scream.

Objective of the Game

The goal of the game would be to avoid the incoming Covid viruses that will be constantly appearing from the right side of the screen and disappearing off the left side of the screen. If the user touches any of the Covid viruses, he or she loses.

Another idea…

I also wanted to introduce more elements such as live counts, where the player will have a total of 3 total lives or something. Another idea would also probably involve different levels??

Mini Sketch


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