Final Project Proposal – Aayush & Suzan


To create an interactive Dollhouse. 



Every room in the dollhouse will have a variety of either physical interactions (lights, sounds), virtual tasks (that will be displayed on the computer), or a mixture of both. The goal of the game is to be able to interact with the dollhouse, but also to finish all the tasks set in place. The user will be able to complete the tasks on processing and this will be reflected on the dollhouse. We would also like to integrate a display on the dollhouse to display the progress as well display a message when the game is won.



Week 1:

  1. Build dollhouse
  2. Structure- have the tasks decided
  3. Arduino and processing stuff


Week 2:

  1. Tasks design (processing)
  2. Physical things are in the dollhouse
  3. Have the tasks done


Week 3:

  1. Connecting things
  2. User experimentation
  3. Fine tuning



Finding a dollhouse

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